CPDE27017: Comorbidities and Treatment-related Adverse Events in COPD and Palliative Care in Advanced COPD


This module on ‘Comorbidities and treatment-related adverse events in COPD and palliative care in advanced COPD’, highlights three focus areas. The first focus area covers the various comorbidities of COPD such as lung cancer, cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, depression/anxiety, obstructive sleep apnoea, obesity/metabolic syndrome, malnutrition/anaemia, and gastroesophageal reflux. Subsequently, the second focus area highlights treatment-related adverse events in COPD, while the third focus area covers palliative care as an unmet need in COPD, barriers to providing palliative care, triggers of palliative care, palliative care and management of troublesome symptoms in COPD, proactive palliative care, and primary palliative care.

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