CPDE26536: Guideline-based COPD Algorithm, COPD Exacerbations: Treatment in Primary Care and Use of Inhalers


This module on ‘Guideline-based COPD algorithm, COPD exacerbations: Treatment in primary care and use of inhalers’, highlights three focus areas. The first focus area on guideline-based COPD algorithm, covers COPD medications available at Klinik Kesihatan, ICS treatment considerations, ICS recommendations, and referral for specialist. Subsequently, the second focus area on COPD exacerbations: treatment in primary care, highlights exacerbations presented at primary care, criteria for referral to hospital, ICU criteria, clinical examination of COPD, treatment algorithm, and post-discharge care. Lastly, the third focus area emphasizes on the importance of inhaler technique, types of inhalers, and inhalers available in Ministry of Health formulary.

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