CPDE26535: Investigations in COPD, overview of COPD treatment and guideline-based COPD algorithm


This module on ‘Investigations in COPD, overview of COPD treatment and guidance-based COPD algorithm’, highlights three focus areas. The first focus area on investigations in COPD, covers laboratory and potential markers of COPD, exacerbation frequency, spirometry, and classical radiological features of COPD. Subsequently, the second focus area on overview of COPD treatment, highlights the goals of COPD treatment, drug classification, vaccination, preventive therapies for exacerbations, importance of long-acting bronchodilators, as well as the various COPD therapies. Finally, the third focus area on guideline-based COPD algorithm, emphasizes on initial pharmacological treatment, COPD management, hospital management, and follow-up management principle.

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